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Episode 9 - Monster Jam star Bryce Kenny on record-breaking and shifting gears in life

October 27, 2023 The Fast Pod Season 1 Episode 9
The Fast Pod - A podcast all about speed
Episode 9 - Monster Jam star Bryce Kenny on record-breaking and shifting gears in life
Show Notes

Welcome to The Fast Pod, where we delve into the world of motorsport and explore the stories of the incredible individuals who make it all happen.

In this episode, we have a very special guest joining us all the way from the USA – Bryce Kenny.

Bryce Kenny is a professional monster truck driver who competes in Monster Jam events.

His passion for motorsports runs deep in his family. Growing up around a family drag strip, he was immersed in the world of high-speed racing from a young age.

His dream was to make a career out of top fuel drag racing, and he even had the opportunity to drive a dragster at the age of 20. However, the challenges of securing sponsorship and the economic downturn led Bryce to re-evaluate his path.

It was during this time that Monster Jam came calling. Initially hesitant, Bryce attended his first Monster Jam event and was captivated by the excitement and engagement of the fans. He saw an opportunity to continue his career and make a name for himself in a different discipline. Bryce made the leap from drag racing to Monster Jam - and it turned out to be a decision that would change his life.

Monster Jam is a unique form of motorsport that combines the power and spectacle of monster trucks with thrilling performances and jaw-dropping stunts.

Bryce is known for driving the Mohawk Warrior, and is the first person to hit three figures in speed in a monster truck - setting a world record of over 100 miles per hour.

We dive into Bryce's career, his record-breaking achievements, and his new book "Geared for Life" that offers a fresh perspective on finding purpose and shifting gears in life.


  • "Any motorsport out there, it's all about the application of horsepower. Even though I was trying to get 10,000 horsepower to apply to concrete in drag racing, now I've got something that weighs 10,000 pounds that we're trying to get to apply that horsepower to dirt through our big, giant tires. The physics are so different in terms of having to control the machine."
  • "Being on the edge of out of control somehow gives you more control."
  • "Our goal should not be results in life. It should be momentum."
  • "As long as you know what you believe, you're never going to stay burnt out for long. And you're always going to be able to shift into that next gear. And that's when life gets really good."


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